Style Your Christmas
with Celebratory

Imagine Christmas without flowers: no door wreathes, no pretty candle bases or decorative garlands, no ornamental table centrepieces, no splashes of vibrant red from traditional poinsettias… something would be missing, wouldn’t it?

A really big something.

Which is why we put so much time and inspiration into the creation of breathtaking floral Christmas displays.

Something For Everyone and Special Deliveries

Flower gifts always go down well. Cheerful, individual, and long lasting, flowers bring far more pleasure than a hastily bought gift that might not be appreciated.

Opening the door to a special flower delivery is a lovely surprise for anyone, instantly lifting the spirits and putting a smile on their face.

If you want to make any lady in your life feel special this Christmas, have some flowers delivered to them and you’re guaranteed to make it a year they’ll remember. Michelle’s Flowers will create beautiful festive bouquets or table arrangements and deliver them right to the door up to and including Christmas Eve.

Unique Arrangements

Christmas is a big time for entertaining too, and it’s nice to extend the welcome all the way from the front door to the dining table.

You could go out and buy a generic door wreath from the High Street, but have a personalised wreath on your door and everyone notices the difference; in fact, it becomes something of a talking point before people even enter the house. When you choose your own flowers and colours, you’re making a personal statement that stands you apart from the mass Christmas market.

With bespoke Christmas flower arrangements you can coordinate all your floral decorations and even choose a theme for the year. Planned echoes of colour or flower type pull the whole look together in pleasing harmony.

Decorating the house with flowers and floral arrangements makes the perfect backdrop for social gatherings, or even just for your own family enjoyment if you’re planning a quiet festive time.

Remembering the Departed

Alongside all the festivities, Christmas can be a bittersweet time for many of us as we remember loved ones who are no longer with us. At this time of year it feels appropriate to express our feelings with special tributes in remembrance.

From simple posies to more elaborate grave wreathes, it’s nice to include flowers that have personal meaning but that may be hard to find in off-the-shelf displays. We’d be happy to sympathetically discuss any special flower arrangements you’d like and create something beautiful in remembrance, just for you.

Like you, we can’t imagine Christmas without flowers. Between us, we’ll make sure everyone has the joy of fresh, sweet smelling floral arrangements, and no one is stuck for a gift for those hard-to-buy-for people we all know.

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