Saying Goodbye to Loved Ones with our Funeral Services

Funeral Flowers and Special Tributes

A floral tribute says so much, expressing love and grief, and hope for eternity. It is an expression of respect, remembrance and, yes, of joy and celebration of life. When a loved one passes, the hole left in your heart feels bottomless and black, but carefully chosen and arranged flowers shine a little light into the bleak corners.

It’s so hard to focus on the practicalities at a time like this, although not having flowers at the service would be unthinkable. What you need is a sympathetic guiding hand; someone who’ll just make it happen and help smooth the jagged edges of the day.

When you come to us for funeral flowers, you’ll be welcomed with down to earth sensitivity. We understand, and will sympathetically lend you our experience to organize everything quietly and efficiently.

First Steps

Give us a ring or come into the shop for a chat. We have a separate room where we can talk privately and where you can look at brochures. At all times we’re aware you’re facing one of the toughest times of your life, and we do all we can to make the experience as painless as possible. If you prefer to take some booklets away so you can talk things over with other family members, that’s fine too. You can get in touch or come back whenever you’re ready.

Your Vision Made Real

People are individuals, and modern funerals reflect this. Deeply personal, everything about the service should represent the personality and character of the one you’re saying goodbye to.

Many people like to have bespoke floral tributes. Some even like to inject a little humour or quirkiness to fondly remember the one who made them laugh and was so full of fun. Others like to celebrate particular achievements or special interests. From simple blocked letters that spell out a name or title, to pretty posies and romantic hearts, we’ve even created floral tractors, football shirts, knitting tributes and dogs. Whatever will best express those special individual qualities, we’ll pour our hearts and souls into the floral creations that make your vision a tangible reality.

These special tributes take a little longer to create because we’re meticulous about sourcing the vital finishing touches. For instance, we located rubber tyres for the flower tractor, and put a racing ring on a pigeon tribute for one gentleman whose life passion was racing pigeons.

Flowers and Cards

Cards and personal messages are an important part of the day. We have a selection you can choose from and these can be laminated if you’d like them as a keepsake.

Once all the details are discussed and agreed, we’ll place an order with the flower market and arrange delivery to us, where we’ll condition the blooms ready for arranging. Our traditional tributes are all ribbon edged for a finished, perfect look.

We liaise with the funeral home to arrange timings for the flower deliveries, and make sure everything arrives on time.

Our aim is always to make one of the toughest days of your life just that bit easier to get through.

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