Choosing Valentine
Flowers for
Someone Special

Choosing Valentine Flowers for Someone Special

Some things just go together: wine and cheese, buckets and spades, birthday cakes and candles… and flowers for Valentine’s Day.

We naturally think of romance when it comes to Valentine’s, and while this is the traditional celebration for lovers of all ages, there’s no good reason why it can’t simply be an excuse to get a floral gift for anyone special in your life. For your mum or your sister, for instance.

Deciding to give flowers for Valentine’s is one thing, choosing is something else. With so many gorgeous flower arrangements and bouquets on offer, it’s hard to know where to start.

You could start with colour:

Red Flowers – signify passion or excitement. They’re ideal for a loved one who sets your pulse racing – no matter how long you’ve been together.

Pink Flowers – soft and gentle, pink can represent new beginnings so would be nice for a young relationship that’s fresh and waiting to be explored. Different shades of pink can also convey different emotions, with hot, bright pinks having a fun element and softer pinks conveying more gentle emotions.

Blue or Purple Flowers – traditionally representing tranquillity or harmony and stability, they’re ideal for established relationships, and would also be perfect for those planning a Valentine’s proposal!

White or Yellow Flowers – white flowers as gifts convey respect, but are also traditionally linked with truth and honesty, or innocence, which is why they’re so popular at births and marriages. Yellow flowers are sunny and cheerful, representing hope and happiness.

If you can’t settle on a particular colour for your Valentine’s Flowers, why not go for a rainbow of colours that will mix in a bit of everything that’s good from the language of flowers.

Types of Flowers

Roses, of course, are the traditional romantic floral gift for lovers everywhere. The single stem rose, elegantly boxed, conveys sophistication and style, beauty boiled right down to its essence. It’s an iconic way to say, ‘I love you’. If a single stem doesn’t do it for you, the alternative is the always appreciated dozen red roses.

For those who like something different, bouquets of exotic flowers are ideal Valentine’s gifts for anyone with a streak of individual style. Choose hot colours like purples and reds, and don’t be scared to mix them up.

A mix of different flower types makes the perfect Valentine’s bouquet. Colour coordinated carnations and roses with deep green foliage with splashes of white and lime green buds look delightful, and will last for days if not weeks.

We have ready made bouquets and arrangements that are perfect for every Valentine’s situation. And, if you’re trying to choose a gift for someone allergic to flowers, we even have chocolate bouquets that are just as colourful and, we promise, will be just as well received!

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