A Big Surprise
for the
Fairy Tale Bride

We’ve done flowers for all kinds of weddings, from the traditional to the ultra modern, from extravagant to simple, from minimalist to floral jungle. You name it, we thought we’d done it all. With all our years in the business (and having a particular soft spot for weddings) we’re not lacking in experience.

But back in August we got a request that fair blew the thorns off our roses.

You’ve all heard of Don’t Tell the Bride on TV, right? It’s the wedding show where the groom arranges the wedding, and the bride doesn’t know what to expect till the big day. Call it foolhardy or brave, it makes good television and gives you some idea of the work involved in arranging a wedding. Especially at short notice and without any input from the star of the show, the bride.

Michelles Flowers on Don't Tell the Bride 5

When the producers of the programme called to ask if we’d take part, we naturally thought it was a prank. What followed, though, was one of the biggest, most exciting and rewarding, creative challenges of our professional career to date.

Special Ingredients Go Into A Strong Spell

We were tasked with the brief to create a ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ theme in just two weeks.

Thinking caps on, we made lists of all the iconic symbols in the story. Red apples, woodland, twigs, forests, rustic, country. No small task, let us tell you, but it was ‘off to work we go’ and all hands on deck, to mix a few metaphors.

Michelles Flowers on Don't Tell the Bride 2 Pontefract florist

We scoured Yorkshire in search of Washington Red apples, as they were the ones that would give us the size and shine we wanted, just like the original apple that tempted Snow White. Luck was with us as we tracked down what must have been the last batch of the year.

Next came woodland foraging for logs and suitable twigs so we could create the sculptural, vertical elements a fairy tale indoor forest needs. We were determined this wedding breakfast would cast a very special love spell.

Michelles wedding flowers

Happily Ever After

We encapsulated the glossy red apples in tall glass vases, topping each one with wintry, white twigs and floral embellishments. They looked like enchanted trees sprouting from the centre of each table. Artificial snow completed the effect at the base of each vase and, instead of additional flowers, we scattered bright fallen apples. Coupled with icy-looking glassware, the tables looked spectacular. Romantic, magical and fitting for a fairy tale princess.

Michelles wedding flowers 2 dont-tell-the-bride Michelle Flowers

The bride had feared her groom would go over the top and make her endure a ‘silly theme’ wedding. He was determined, though, to create a magical winter wonderland in the middle of August, and give his beloved a day she’d remember for all the right reasons. Far from silly, the Snow White theme created a unique world with all the elements working together for a fun, quirky, yet elegant wedding experience.

Michelles Flowers on Don't Tell the Bride 3

There were tears and hugs all round as the day unfolded. In the bride’s own words: “The boy did good.”

It could have gone horribly wrong for him but she was bowled over. And we were so happy to have worked our own special brand of magic, helping create the enchanted backdrop that perfectly set their stage.

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