Seven Steps to
Wedding Flowers

A wedding is a little like the old saying about the swimming swan — calm and serene on the surface with strenuous paddling going on underneath.

Making everything work like clockwork takes immaculate timing, skilful arranging and stylish flair. It should all appear effortless, with no hint of stress or anxiety.

Against a beautiful floral backdrop, the bride and groom can revel in the magic of the moment, giving their attention to nothing but each other.

In the same way the icing crowns the wedding cake, wedding flowers crown the entire day, creating a heady mix of scent and vision that nothing else can rival. On this most special of all celebrations, there’s just one chance to get it right.

Here’s how Michelle’s Flowers will lead you, step by step, through this important process:

Step One: Choose your venue and decide on your colour scheme and theme, then book a free first consultation with us six months to a year before the wedding day. The first consultation takes around an hour, and during that time we’ll get to know you and understand how you want your flowers to look.

Step Two: We’ll advise on all aspects, from style to colour, from your bride’s bouquet to the bridesmaids flowers, buttonholes, corsages, reception venue and church flowers, and car decorations. No detail escapes notice.

Step Three: When all those things are settled, we’ll give you a price and, if you’re happy, you’ll pay a 10% deposit to place your order and lock in your price. You can have time to discuss and ponder, of course, so if you prefer you can take the quote home and give us a call when you’ve decided.

Step Four: Once we have your order, you can change any details up to four weeks before the day, when we’ll have a final consultation to check all the details. Satisfied that everything is perfect, you’ll pay the balance, and we’ll order your flowers for special delivery from Holland.

Step Five: We liaise with all the venues and everyone else involved to make sure everything comes together with precise timing. We hire all that’s needed, such as glassware and candelabras.

Step Six: The flowers arrive roughly two days before the wedding. We then take time to check and condition the blooms to make sure they’re in all their glory before they’re arranged and delivered.

Step Seven: On the day, we deliver the bride and groom’s flowers to their respective homes, and decorate and dress the venue and church. We’ll take care of the table arrangements and create a gorgeous setting for the ceremony and celebration afterwards.

Everything is included in the quoted price. There are no surprises, no worries, and no hidden extras.

Appearing effortless takes lots of work, and we’d like it to be our effort, not yours. In fact, we’d be honoured to do the paddling under the surface of your wedding. Your part is simply that of the swan, gliding through the day with confident serenity.

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